Wednesday 20 April 2016

My Pledges for Bursledon and Old Netley

   With you on May 5th

Fighting for the issues that really matter We are all concerned with the growing national trends which affects us all. The housing shortage, our education system and NHS being sold off to the highest bidder. The cut backs to local councils which reduce the services available to all. If you elect me I will fight to make sure what money is left is spent sensibly on services that are relevant to the residents of Bursledon and Old Netley. I want to be working for the residents, I am a member of the Labour Party, the party that's working for you day and night to change your life for good, your vote on thursday 5th of May 2016 will change how you receive your service from Eastleigh Borough Council, and I will be your voice. The Netley War Memorial ceremony was closed by the Lib Dems, and I would fight to re-instate it if I'm elected. There are many broken promises made by the Lib Dems, including improvements to the Hound Road, Hamble Lane roundabout and junction. Not to mention the promise of a car park at Hamble train station or a much needed Library. I promise, if you elect me, you will receive the representation you deserve.

My Pledges to you 

Transport I will work hard to ensure roads and train facilities are fit for purpose.

Crime and anti social behaviour I will work with the police and local residents groups to bring a sense of security to the local residents. 

Housing I will look into ways of providing adequate, affordable housing for the residents of Bursledon and Old Netley. 

Education I will make sure local schools are still held accountable for the proper education of our children. 

Conservation I will work hard for the conservation and traditions of the borough and fight to re-instate the Netley War Memorial Ceremony.

Fighting crime and anti social behaviour 

Anti social behaviour and burglary are at an all time high and this is an issue that needs to be addressed. We need to work together to make Bursledon and Old Netley a safer more secure community. I will do all I can to make sure the Council and local police are working with residents to bring back a sense of security. 

Saturday 19 March 2016

Home Page

below i have added few moments that i thought you might be interested, i will be representing you and be your voice in Eastleigh Council, i will demand what you deserve you should have 


Meeting with John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor one of the best evening, John spoke about all the great Labour leaders and what policy's made Labour Party the biggest political party in UK also about Jeremy's view how to bring policy's from grassroots upwards

John was Jeremy Corbyn's campaign agent during his successful election campaign for the Labour Party leadership during the summer of 2015. Two days after it was announced that Jeremy won, John was appointed Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer in Jeremy's shadow cabinet team.
in 2013 when Ed Miliband was leader of Labour Party came in Eastleigh to support John O'farrell's Bi-election campaign

On 25th September 2010 Ed was appointed Leader of the Labour Party and, as a consequence of the victory of Conservatives and Liberals at the 2010 election, Leader of the Opposition. Following Labour's loss to the Conservative Party at the general election, Miliband announced his resignation as leader on 8 May 2015 and instructed the party to put into motion the processes to elect a new leader

                                       moment with Andy Burnham MP in Southampton

Roscoe Lecture on the patriotic case for remaining in the EU

You may take a different view from the one that I am about to express. You may already be fed up of hearing about the EU.
But, to be honest, we need to start talking more about it. We will never cast a more important vote.
That's because it will shape what kind of country Britain is, and how we are seen by the rest of the world, for the remainder of the 21st century.

                                           group of important activist for Labour party

we organised street protest to save the sure start centers in Eastleigh and around Hampshire, present government has planned cutting sure start centers in Hampshire from 54 to 11


            we was protesting for the eastleigh old magistrate and civic office's no to fast food out lets 



i organised a street protest in Southampton with Daily Echo in saving the Children's Cardiac Surgery Unit and we succeeded with help from many community organisation with me was Dr Alen Whitehead MP from Southampton Test

Alan is currently a shadow minister in Labour's Energy and Climate Change Team.
He is a Fellow of the Institute of Waste Management, and member of the Board for The Environment Centre (Southampton) and the Centre for the Third Age (Southampton). He is a Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Media, Arts and Society at Southampton Solent University.
He served on the Climate Change Public Bill Committee in 2007, the Energy Public Bill Committee and the Joint Committee on the Draft Marine Bill in 2008, the Marine and Coastal Access Bill Committee and the Energy Bill Committee in 2009, the Energy Bill Committee in 2011, the Antarctic Bill Committee in 2012 and the Energy Bill Committee in 2013.

                                                     Allen Whitehead MP Southampton Test

I was representing the local people with an international issue John Denham MP Itchen Southampton, Allen Whitehead MP Southampton Test, also Rowana Davis PPC


                   campaigning in Eastleigh bi-election for John O'farrell with Fiona Mactaggart MP

Fiona Mactaggart is the MP for Slough. She was elected in 1997 and during her time in office has served as a Home Office Minister and as Parliamentary Private Secretary for Chris Smith.
Fiona is secretary of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade, and is the Co-Chair, with Baroness Butler-Sloss, of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking/Modern Day Slavery
Before becoming an MP, Fiona worked for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and a private company.

Shere M Sattar
Labour Candidate working for you

please come out to vote on 5th May 2016 I promise your vote will make the different

169 Leigh Road Eastleigh Hampshire Tel: 02380 613357

About Me

It's Time for a Change

Dear Respectable residence of Bursledon & Old Netley

I promise you, i will bring change's that our community deserve
I am Shere M Sattar, I would like to take this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself as Labour Candidate for Local Council Election in Eastleigh Borough which is in May 2016

about me:

I live in Bassett Southampton in the border of Eastleigh, Southampton and Romsey infact I have spent more of my time in Eastleigh then Romsey or Southampton, I have been self employed since i've left education in 1989 I open my first fast food take away in Thornhill Park Road, in May 1998 I opened my 3rd fastfood takeaway in 161 Fareoak road, Bishopstoke Eastleigh I recently bought partnership business in Leigh Road Eastleigh

I have been working with many voluntary Community organisations in Southampton and around the Country, I am Founder Chairman to British Bangladesh Cultural Academy (BBCA) in Southampton, Secretary General to BJS-UK, I have been chairman to registered charity Amity International Aid Reg: 1146729 since 2011

I am always very active within community and local issue work, I have been on and of member and activist for Labour Party since 1996,
I joined labour party to help make a change bring difference to people's life

I've been involved with save Children's Cardiac Surgery Unit in Southampton University NHS Trust June 2011 which actually did save the unit

  • I believe I have the knowledge and experience how to work for the local resident and help build a better community
  • Lib Dem (Fib Dem) has been running Eastleigh Council for a long time and has failed to provide the service that our locals deserve
  • Voting Lib Dem is same as voting Tories
  • Eastleigh Residence deserves better service
  • needs to stand together against Lib Dem
  • save our heritage and conservation
  • together we can make a different
  • I promise you, i will bring change's that our community deserves
  • if we work together, we can rise together
  • I'll be out trying to talk to you all

  • I look forward to receiving your views and comments Facebook: campaign for Shere M Sattar, or my personal 
  •  email: Mobile: 07838184810

Shere M Sattar
Candidate working for you

please come out to vote on 5th May 2016 I promise your vote will make the different

169 Leigh Road Eastleigh Hampshire Tel: 02380 613357